Successful & Balanced

How to achieve your goals and still have time for the things you love


Successful & Balanced

A transformational journey for purpose-driven women to learn how to prioritize self-care and personal wellbeing without compromising productivity


Ready to stop sacrificing your own health and wellbeing to achieve your goals?


The Successful & Balanced course is a 40 days online journey designed to help all of you high achieving women to find a healthy balance between your personal needs and your every day responsibilities. 
Learn how to recognize when it’s time to take a break before it’s too late, and find the courage and strength to allow yourself to rest and recharge your batteries without feeling guilty or feeling like you’re losing time! 
Start your journey to go from stressed out and overwhelmed to successful and balanced with the support of mindfulness techniques, mindset exercises and lots of practical tips on how to manage your time and your schedule to support your own vision and ambitions!


 Learn how to be productive without burning out!

Successful & Balanced

A 40 days journey to learn how to prioritize your wellbeing without compromising your goals and ambitions

Successful and Balanced

€294,00 EUR
Successful and Balanced

2 monthly payments of €147,00 EUR

Power women!

Don't wait until you end up on the floor, overwhelmed by everything you still have to do, feeling stressed and anxious! 

Get a head start in considering what is it that you need for your own wellbeing and how to balance it out with everything else that requires your attention!

If you need support in tuning your "busyness" into healthy productivity, the one that doesn't find you hiding from everyone and everything because you just can't handle one more thing anymore, don't worry, I got you!


Frequent Questions

Successful & Balanced

Increase productivity without giving up on your wellbeing


Aurora F. - Italy 

"Deborah really knows how to listen and understand the difficulties you are going through. She knows what are the right questions to ask to find practical and efficient solutions! I recommend to have at least one session with her!"


Wiktoria G.-Poland

I had a session with Deborah and it was really good. Thanks to the questions that she asked me I could find the reason why I'm struggling with getting things done and with time management. At first I expected clear tips, but I feel the session was more about leading me into finding an answer in myself and it was succesful! I definetly reccomend these sessions!

Solange C.-France

I understood very little of the concept of life-coaching few months ago. I needed help with some of my habits and general lifestyle mindset, so I decided to join her program.
Through every session with her, Deborah brought me closer to embracing the solutions and assessments I came up for myself. She supported me perfectly in letting me realize I hold the keys to my own happiness and growth. Through her well-put questions and excellent listening she guided the conversation naturally in our every call. I contacted her with the mindset that perhaps I was more in need of a therapist, but I finished our course together with the certainty that this was the best choice I could’ve made for myself. Life-coaching with Deborah was a journey of self-discovery and appreciation which gave me lessons about myself that will be relevant for me for a very long time. 

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